Who We Are

Welcome to Grand View Photography. Led by Eric, our team aren’t photography enthusiasts that take pictures as a hobby or as a means of making money.

Our team lives and breathes photography. We work with clients in Arizona on a wide range of projects from product photography to fashion shoots. We also travel quite a bit and get hired by tourism boards and those in the hospitality industry to complement their efforts of destination marketing through imagery. 

We also have a blog section where we share tips on topics such as capturing the perfect lighting, how to get awesome portrait shots and things as basic as how to use a DSLR. 



What We Do

We’re here to make photography simple. For us, that means customising our services to cater for your needs. 

Whatever you need – whether it’s event,  landscape, portrait or product photography – all you have to do is ask how we can help you. 


Destination Marketing

If you are a business owner and you want stunning images of your premises, we can take and edit the images you need.

Likewise, if you’re working to promote a particular location, whether it’s in Arizona or not, we can give you images that will best represent your area. 

Product Photography

Selling a product or service? You need to marketing it through professional imagery. For the price that you pay, your ROI will be huge. 

We can create the right setting, get the right backdrop, shoot with the best lighting and bring out the best in your product/service. 


Need a professional portrait for your new business profile? Perhaps you want to update your social media accounts with some portrait shots? 

Whatever your requirements, we’ll get you at your best angle. We also offer group shots and can shoot on location or in our studio. 


Time for us to stop doing all the talking! Here’s what some of our valued customers have to say…

Priscilla Knight

I needed some photos done for my restaurant. These guys helped me create a beautiful portfolio, and with their help, i have marketed my business to many other customers that would have never seen it if not for these photos. Loved their business, highly recommended to everyone.

Megan Newman

The guys working in this company are wizards! I told them what I wanted, and they complete in perfection. The job they did for me required of them to create photos of a particular product so it can be marketable on Instagram and other social media platforms. They did an excellent job.

Clint Wallace

I needed a few photos of a custom vintage background for a particular project. These guys delivered a fantastic selection of photos where i could pick what i wanted and return the rest. Highly recommend this company to anyone!


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