The Best Free Alternative Programs for Photographers

Programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom are fantastic, feature packed and user friendly. But for many, the price of these programs can be a little out of budget, price wise. Luckily, there are a number of free alternatives available to download, that are just as capable, although some settings may be called something else. We here at Grandview have broken down some of the better alternatives for you, to make life that little bit easier, enabling you to get on with creating your photographic masterpieces.

Gimp (Photoshop Alternative)

One of the best known Photoshop alternatives is Gimp. Gimp stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and has always been free and open source. The amount of features and options available in Gimp for photo manipulation is just as extensive as can be found in Photoshop, enabling you to edit your RAW file (or whatever file type your photographs are taken in). Also, Gimp users and their community are very helpful, and provide endless tutorials online in forums and on YouTube. This is one program that is definitely worth checking out.

Lightzone (Lightroom Alternative)

Lightroom from Adobe is known the world over as the program for photo editing. However, it is not exactly cheap to obtain. Thankfully, Lightzone can do the same jobs for you, at a much more agreeable price – free! So whether you want to batch edit a pile of photos, or slightly adjust RAW files individually, all this can be achieved in Lightzone. And the process is non destructive as well, meaning you can easily revert back to the original image, if needs be. Despite how powerful this program is, it is very user friendly and easy to learn how to use.

Photoscape (Photoshop Alternative)

If you are after something that allows the manipulation of your images, but is a little more basic than the mind boggling amount of sliders and options available in Photoshop, then Photoscape may be what you seek. You can also use this program to create slideshows, split images or combine images. The toolbar is also highly customisable, allowing you to put the features you use most to the forefront, rather than being hidden behind rafts of menus. A word of warning however, this program features ads for other recommended software (not to worry however, these ads are restricted to within the program itself, and will not feature anywhere else on your PC).

Google Photos (Web Based & Mobile)

If you love to share your photos with friends and family, Google Photos is a wonderful program. There are some very basic editing functions included, but that’s really not what this program is for. Google Photos can be downloaded for your mobile device that will sync with your web based version and storage is unlimited for restricted sized images (you can also store up to 15 GB of higher detailed images). The program also auto creates GIFs, slideshows and mini movies based on your photos. If you haven’t already, check this out!