California Delivery Law

Medical marijuana has many holistic benefits, including increased lung capacity, slowing the progression of many diseases, and helping to relieve pain. This is why so many patients look to cannabis as an alternative treatment to other medications.

Lately, many medical marijuana storefronts have come under attack, driving owners to form marijuana delivery services to help get this much-needed medication to their patients.

What is a Medical Marijuana Delivery Service?

This service is set up in much the same way as a medical marijuana storefront dispensary, but it delivers medical marijuana right to the patient’s door. Under the state of California, the delivery service starts out by being incorporated as a non-profit mutual benefit corporation.

What Are the Delivery Laws in California for Medical Marijuana?

A lot of cities and states nationwide that have banned medical marijuana storefront dispensaries are stating that medical marijuana delivery services are also illegal, including California. This is not true. The state’s Health and Safety Code Section 11362.768(e) specifically mentions medical marijuana delivery services where “mobile retail outlets” can operate.

This section, which is part of the Medical Marijuana Program Act, says that no medical marijuana collective can be within 600 feet of a school, including these “mobile retail outlets.” By including cannabis delivery in Los Angeles services, California has acknowledged the legality of a medical marijuana delivery service if it operates at least 600 feet away from a school.

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana Services

Marijuana delivery in Los Angeles has many benefits. One such benefit is that it can bring the medication right to the patient’s door. Another positive aspect is that these services will not draw the same amount of criticism as storefronts, as neighbors will not complain about the smell of the marijuana or the crowd.

Mobile marijuana is not a crime. Instead, it can deliver many benefits to both neighbors and patients alike.