The Best Apps for Photographers

I believe it was Apple coined the phrase “There’s an App for that”. And this is very true; there is an app for almost anything you can think of these days. And if you are a photographer, then there are a massive range of apps available to assist you, in many different ways. Here, we at Grandview detail some of the apps you should consider downloading to your smart device.

Google Photos:

More of a storage and sharing app than for image manipulation, Google Photos is free, and storage is unlimited (subject to restricted image sizes). Where this app excels is in the sorting capabilities. Google will auto sort images for you based on date or location, create mini movies and gifs based on similar images in your uploads, and much more. Integration with the desktop (web based) version is seamless, and overall, this is very easy to use. This comes very highly recommended.

Adobe Photoshop Express:

A major hitter in photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop can never be overlooked. And with their mobile version, Photoshop Express, you can now take photo editing software on the move with you. Although stripped back, this app will allow you to edit photos as they are taken on your smart device, as well as editing existing photos, apply automatic fixes and much more. There is even RAW photo support included in the app.


If you are planning on heading out to a location, you are as well have an idea as to the possible weather conditions you may encounter when you get there. Although most phones have a basic weather function in built, nothing compares to Accuweather for accuracy and detail.

Depth of Field Calculator:

Any good photographer knows that calculating depth of field correctly is an essential skill. Photobuddy for iOS and Photo Tools Pro for Android can assist you with this task, very easily. No longer will the relationship between aperture, ISO and shutter speed be a headache!

Light Metre Apps:

If you were to go out and purchase a light metre, you may have to part with several hundred of your hard earned dollars. While the end result may be perfectly exposed photos, your wallet won’t thank you for the privilege. The truth is, your smart phone is capable of measuring light, through its camera. beeCam Light Metre is an example of a very good app that will allow you to calculate the correct exposure you should use.

Photographer’s Ephemeris:

Planning your shot can be quite time consuming, and perhaps you would prefer to visit a location under a range of different weather conditions to best plot your photo. This app will allow you to look at a location, before you get there, to better plot out that crucial shot. You can explore the location and check out different angles also, allowing you to get a better idea of the equipment you may need to bring along for the shoot.